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Top Indigenous Attractions of Western Canada

A visit to western Canada is not complete without experiencing the local Indigenous cultures on offer. For visitors and locals alike, there are extraordinary experiences to take in around Western Canada. There are three main types of Indigenous attractions: cultural … Read More

Beer, Wine & Spirits – The booming booze businesses of British Columbia

Those travellers looking to imbibe while visiting the beautiful province of British Columbia are in for a treat. BC is home to some of Canada’s best wineries, breweries, cideries and distilleries – try saying that three times fast! Whether you … Read More

Calgary vs Edmonton – Where Should I Fly Into?

Those looking to fly into Alberta to start your Western Canada road trip have two cities to choose from: Calgary and Edmonton. To help you choose the best city to fly into, let’s take a closer look to see what … Read More

What to look for in Western Canada’s National Parks

You’ve chosen to vacation in Western Canada; well, that’s step one. Step two is deciding what to do in our amazing parks. Western Canada is home to incredible attractions spread throughout our National Park system. We’ve searched through the National … Read More

East Coast VS. West Coast – Which is the best coast in Canada?

Now that you’ve decided to travel to Canada, you’ll have to choose which side of this vast country to see! With over 7000kms separating the west coast and east coasts, it can be pretty difficult to see both on one … Read More

What’s the better Choice: Vancouver or Calgary?

Ok, so you’ve decided on visiting Western Canada. You’ve done the research and decided on the Rockies over Niagara Falls – great choice! But now you’ve got to decide between the two of the best cities in the west, Vancouver … Read More

You Choose – Private Guided, Group Guided or Self-Guided Tours

After a long year of waiting for your holiday to Western Canada, you’ve got to decide where to go and how to take explore the area. Choosing where to take your next holiday is going to take some research. With … Read More

The British Columbia Effect

The British Columbia Effect: The Therapeutic Effects of Getting Back to Nature

If you’re feeling stressed, depressed, uninspired, or just plain tired, it might be time to head for the hills, literally.  “The British Columbia Effect” by Destination BC explores the positive effects spending time out in nature can have on one’s … Read More

The Best Places in BC You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

“Oka-WHAT?” or “the WHOneys? You’ve heard of Western Canada’s world-famous tourist destinations the Rocky Mountains, Whistler and Victoria. Every year millions of tourists flock to these places, and for good reason. But what most international visitors miss are the locally … Read More

Our Top 3 Canadian Winter Experiences

There’s nothing like a February snowfall in Vancouver to remind you that winter isn’t finished with us yet! While one may be tempted to long for a summer escape (and fear not, summer will return!), there are lots of ways … Read More