5 Secret Whistler Spots

By discovercanada | July 28, 2021
Whistler is the go-to destination for winter sports enthusiast and camping masters alike, but despite its small size, there is a lot to it. Explore the hidden gems of Whistler with the help of Discover Canada Tours.

Whistler Train Wreck

The Train Wreck has been an iconic, secret, hangout for decades. What happened you might ask? In 1956 the train derailed going twice the speed limit through the corridor! The box cars have remained in the forest for the last 60 years. The forest has grown over, around, and beneath the twisted metal train. Local artists have begun using the cars as a personal graffiti canvas. In 2016, Whistler municipality officially recognized the train wreck as an approved graffiti zone. The cars are now a living and evolving art piece inspired by nature. On a normal day you will notice extreme mountain bikers traversing over the train wreck, graffiti artists working on their latest project, and hikers navigating through the dense forest.

The Train Wreck has recently become much more accessible to visitors with the new Sea to Sky Trailhead found in Cheakamus Crossing. The trail is completed with a suspension bridge crossing the silver running water of the Cheakamus River and finally capstoned with the Train Wreck.©Lisanne_Smeele_Whistler_June-25-scaled-e1659475308372.jpg©Lisanne_Smeele_Whistler_June-29-scaled-e1659475376709.jpg

Blackcomb Glacier Ice Cave

Found on the Blackcomb Glacier is the magic of this hidden ice cave. Only accessible by skilled skiers or snowboarders. This destination is not for the faint of heart. You’ll need to reach the peak of Blackcomb via the Glacier Chair, Showcase T-bar, and a small hike with your gear. Then descend a black diamond run, hang right, and search for this hidden cave. For those brave and capable enough to find the cave, you’ll be greeted by an amazing natural sight. The cave sparkles with majestic blues and whites. It deepens into the weeping glacier revealing a chasm of ice and snow. It’s a perfect spot for a quick instagram photo and rest before descending the rest of the slick, winding, run.

Parkhurst Ghost Village

Formally a logging village dating back to the 1960’s this spot has now become a serene yet unsettling hiking destination. Located on the shores of Green Lake, Parkhurst is a historic site in disarray and being taken back by nature. While there you’ll find an intact cabin, along with collapsing buildings, and abandoned cars. The area has an undeniable eeriness felt by even the most skeptic.

The hike into Whistler’s past is a mystery in and of itself, the best thing to do is follow the directional guide written by Happiest Outdoors to reach the spot. We strongly suggest avoiding this destination at night; it is known to be haunted by past residents of the village. These spirits are the best left in peace, during the evening, to roam their former homes.

Xhiggys Meadow

Looking for the best powder on Whistler or Blackcomb? No need to get up early for the first lift, Xhiggys Meadow is the local secret for those seeking untracked champagne powder. This snow under your skis or board will make it feel like you’re floating gracefully down the slope. Once descended, take an extra moment to look back at your fresh tracks. There is something marvelous when seeing a deep marker that maps your descent through the powder.

In order to find Xhiggys Meadow take the 7th Heaven chairlift located on Blackcomb Mountain. Xhiggys is the large bowl that’ll require a small traverse from the top of the chairlift. This extreme experience is a fully in-bounds slope but will require a high level of fitness and skill.

The Hemloft

The most well-hidden and well-kept secret in Whistler is undeniably the Hemloft. We don’t even know the exact location of the Hemloft. Somewhere deep in the Whistler crown lands is a treefort unlike any other. The Hemloft and its builder are considered local legends. The tiny home was built entirely by recycled materials and off-grid. The fate of the property is somewhat of a mystery. Some say it’s still somewhere deep in the woods ontouched, others say it’s been dismantled, others destroyed, and others say it’s been preserved. This is one of those secrets that is supposed to stay secret. So if you find this egg shaped fort deep in the woods, enjoy it, but keep it secret, so that future explorers might stumble upon it as well.

Enjoy hunting down these locations! After you complete your search for these spots, don’t forget to dip into the underground of Whistler nightlife!

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Author: Connor Griffiths | Lifty Life Vacation Rentals. Photos courtesy of ©Lisanne Smeele and Destination BC/Blake Jorgenson