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By discovercanada | August 23, 2022
Gold! If there’s one thing we humans have treasured throughout history, it's gold. When over 100,000 miners, mostly from the US and Canada, made their way to The Yukon in the 19th Century, life in the region would never be the same. Nowadays, people visit the Yukon to see the unique way of life in the North, the wild landscapes and the wildlife of northern Canada. While there have been indigenous peoples living in the region for thousands of years, it was the Klondike Gold Rush that brought European settlers to the area in the late 1890s and with them came the creation of the modern-day Yukon.

The journey to the Yukon in the late 1800s was arduous, to say the least. Many prospectors spent the better part of a year just to get to the Yukon and by the time many arrived the gold mines were already established! Nowadays it’s an easy flight from Vancouver, Canada to Whitehorse to immerse yourself in the wide-open bigger than life region and get away from the big cities.

Yukon is a great four season destination. Spring, summer, fall and winter there is plenty to do. While there are great outdoor activities like dog-sledding, hiking, canoeing and unique wildlife viewing opportunities, many people come to the Yukon to see the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. One of the world’s most magical experiences, the Northern lights are something everyone should see in their lifetime. In technical terms, The Northern Lights are the result of collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere and charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere. In non-technical terms – SO COOL!

These Northern Lights shows can only be seen close to a magnetic pole so the Yukon is a perfect region to see this phenomenon! To enhance your chances of seeing the Northern Lights, be sure to visit in the winter and get away from the city lights.

With exciting Yukon tours on offer, Discover Canada Tours gives travellers a great introduction to the Great White North. Our Yukon Deluxe Summer Lakeside Adventure offers guests a 4-day trip to experience the best of the region. If you want to visit during the mild summer months and have a good opportunity to see local wildlife this is the tour for you.

Of course, a real treat is seeing the Northern Lights. For those of you who want a good chance to see this spectacle of nature, you’ll want to visit in the winter. Our, Yukon Deluxe Winter Northern Lights package will bring you to a lakeside accommodation offering some of the world’s best Northern Lights viewing locations. With these great small group tour options, you’ll experience what the Yukon is known for: beautiful nature, indigenous cultures celebrating their unique heritage and no crowds!

The Yukon Dog Mushing Adventure is an authentic experience and a favourite to many adventurers. The tour features a once-in-a-lifetime experience of mushing your own team of dogs on a two-hour ride. There is also ice fishing, a bonfire and bison smokies to complete your day at the lake. Guests also have the option to join a snowshoeing and snowmobiling excursions.©Lisanne_Smeele_Yukon_March-45-scaled-e1657224811895.jpg

Canada’s North is becoming more and more popular with travellers and now you know why. While the big cities of Toronto and Vancouver are always popular, and the Rockies are on everyone’s bucket list, travelling the Yukon is something everyone should do when visiting Canada. With its rich gold rush history, the lure of the Northern Lights, one-of-a-kind outdoor activities and rich indigenous cultures to explore, the Yukon is sure to excite everyone. 2022 is also a great year to tour Yukon and enjoy a post-pandemic traveller’s dream: wide-open, natural spaces with more wildlife than people!


Written by Lucas Coldwell. Photos courtesy of Lisanne Smeele and Tourism Yukon.