Discover Your Travel Style: A Guide to Finding the Right Tour

By discovercanada | March 21, 2023
There are many great ways to enjoy a holiday in western Canada and everyone has different needs and wants when they travel. You may be a family of 2, 5 or 14 looking for educational trips, adventure-focused trips, or looking for a little romance when you travel with your significant other. Perhaps you like to immerse yourself in the culture and history of the region or want to try an exciting adventure to get your blood pumping – there are more types of travellers and more interests in how to travel than you can imagine! At Discover Canada Tours we have 5 different brands that will sure to suit your specific travel style and ensure you and your friends or family have the time of your life while in Western Canada.

Popular travel styles that Discover Canada tours caters to

Young & Young at Heart

Trip recommended: Yukon 3-day Adventure
Adventure & action-packed | Social activities | Budget-friendly | Unique local experiences

Let us take a look at one young couple, Ryan and Jess. They have arrived in Vancouver and have a few days planned to explore the city, but have never seen the northern lights and are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime winter experience while they are in Vancouver. For these young adventurers, West Trek’s
Yukon 3-day Adventure is the perfect tour for them. A short flight north from Vancouver, Ryan and Jess will join an all-inclusive group tour with other like-minded travellers looking for a fun adventure up north to hopefully see the northern lights!©Lisanne_Smeele_Yukon_March-45-scaled.jpg

Extraordinary Experiences

Trip recommended: Hidden Gems & Western Highlights
Adventure Sightseeing | Comfort & relaxation | Small group | Premium & boutique | Cultural & quintessential experiences

Stefan and Jules are looking to plan the perfect vacation in western Canada and have decided on joining one of our Extraordinary Experience tours to fulfill their dream Canadian holiday. While they have been to BC a few years ago, they’ve decided to come back to explore more unique destinations that aren’t on a lot of other tours. They found our Hidden Gems & Western Highlights tour which visits unique destinations like Nelson and Waterton but also stops at several highlights in the Okanagan and Canadian Rockies. This tour is the perfect fit!

Day Tours: Victoria & Butchart Gardens

Trip recommended: Discover Victoria & Butchart Gardens
Impressive Sightseeing | Day Adventures | Social Activities | Budget-Friendly | Unforgettable local experiences 

Tom and Donna are visiting their adult children in Vancouver for the first time. Their kids work during the week so they’ve decided to take a couple of classic day trips to explore nearby areas, and their first tour is the classic Discover Victoria & Butchart Gardens. This fantastic day tour to Victoria has everything Tom and Donna want. They get a classic tour, run by local, experienced guides with insider knowledge of the region. The best part is it’s an easy day trip from Vancouver so they’ll be back with their kids at the end of the day.

Classic multi-day

Trip recommended: Tofino Pacific Rim Tour 
Adventure sightseeing | West Coast | Wilderness | Authentic Canadian | All ages(Universal) | Social Activities

These tours are perfect for the Smiths. This family of 4 are first-time visitors to Vancouver and want to see the classic sights and attractions around the area. They don’t necessarily want an all-out adventure or to try the latest and greatest thing – they want an easy trip, that has been running smoothly for many years. There is a reason why our classic multi-day tours, like our Tofino Pacific Rim tour, have been running for so long. They hit all the popular sights everyone wants to see and they feature are most experienced guides to ensure everything goes perfectly.©DCT-EltonHubner-VancouverIsland.jpg

Independent Travel Itineraries

Trip recommended: Parksville Getaway
Private adventures | Family-friendly | Lesser-known experiences | Iconic locations 

Kim is a young solo traveller who wants to visit Vancouver Island at her own pace. She’s rented a car and has booked a custom itinerary through Discover Canada Tours to ensure that she stays in great, affordable hotels and hits all the popular must-see destinations. For this trip, she’s selected our Parksville Getaway, the perfect pre-planned holiday so she doesn’t worry about what to book or where to go. She gets a copy of our regional travel guide to see the best places to visit in the area and won’t have to worry about missing out on anything!

Custom and private tours

Trip recommended: Fraser Valley Wine Tour
Intimate experience | Custom tours | Flexibility | Bucket list | Travel yourstyle

Blair and Luke, retired grandparents have decided to organize a family holiday in Western Canada. They have 3 children with spouses and 4 grandchildren for a total of 12 people. As they don’t want to rent several cars, nor be on a large bus with many other people, so they’ve decided on a custom group tour. Luckily Discover Canada Tours has deluxe mini-coaches for groups of 10 or more for private travel. We offer the same services as any full-service travel agency and can create a custom itinerary just for your group, including flights, hotels and insurance! So whether you want a 3-week itinerary around BC and Alberta or a simple day trip to enjoy the wineries of the Fraser Valley – Discover Canada Tours has you covered.

School Trips

Trip recommended: Canadian Rocky Mountains 
Adventure sightseeing | Young Adventures | West coast wilderness | Student group | Cultural & international experiences

Ray is a teacher, looking to organize a Spring Break trip for his class to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. He’s looking for a little adventure and a lot of fun learning to keep his students engaged. Discover Canada Student Adventures has everything he needs to make this the perfect spring break adventure. We can organize guided-multi day tours, ski programs in the winter, summer camps, orientation programs and much more. Discover Canada Tours is truly a one-stop shop to make Ray’s life easier!

Snow Adventures (Destination Snow)

Trip recommended: Revelstoke Steep and Deep
Sports enthusiasts |All ages (Universal) | Small group | Winter adventure | Adrenaline junkie

A group of high school seniors are looking to book a trip into the mountains together. They have travelled with Discover Canada Student Adventures on a school trip and want something similar but just for their small group. They’d like to meet up with other skiers and boarders with the same level of enthusiasm and adventurous spirit as themselves. What better adventure than Destination Snow’s: Revelstoke Steep and Deep. This is a winter adventure this group won’t ever forget!

Written by Lucas Coldwell. Photos courtesy of © Lisanne Smeele, Nathan Penner,Indigenous Tourism BC/Brendin Kelly, Jordan Dyck, Destination BC/@glamouraspirit_