7 Amazing Facts About The Canadian Rockies

Things you did not know about the Rockies

By discovercanada | February 17, 2023
There are numerous, amazing sights and activities that draw millions of people to the Canadian Rockies every year. Whether you are travelling in the summer to go for a glacial lake swim or are coming in the winter to hit the ski slopes in Lake Louise, there is something for everyone here that doesn’t even scratch the surface! From Grizzly Bears to Grizzli Winery, you’re sure to be thrilled by some amazing things to see and do during a tour of the Rockies.

7 Amazing Facts About The Canadian Rockies

1. Jasper National Park – is home to the most-visited glacier in North America – the Athabasca Glacier! Also known as the Columbia icefields. The glacier is 4 miles long and can reach 1000 feet deep! For the super brave you can ride in an extreme off-road bus called the ice explorer on the glacier!

2. Lake Louise – there are 2 tea houses located near Lake Louise, Lake Agnes Tea House and the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House offer the perfect rest spot for hikers. There isn’t a better view to enjoy your tea anywhere in Canada!©Pursuit-MikeSeehagel-IceExplorerGlacierAdventure-2.jpeg

3. Banff Hot Springs – if you enjoy hot tubs, be sure to visit the Banff Hot Springs, one of many natural hot springs located in the Rocky Mountains! The hot springs are located on Sulphur Mountain right next to the Banff Gondola, right above the town of Banff.

4. The town of Banff –  is home to the world’s only distillery within a national park. Be sure to grab a beer here after a hard day of hiking (Banff National Park bas over 1600 Km of trails) or just a long day of shopping in downtown Banff!

5. Maligne Lake – a must-see lake in Jasper National Park, given its name by a European missionary due to his difficult travels in the valley that share the name, which is French for evil or wicked and difficult. Don’t be put off by the name though, it’s now easy to get here and there is nothing evil about the views of Spirit Island on this world-renowned lake.

6. Star-Gazing – Jasper National Park is a designated dark sky preserve. If you are looking for the perfect spot to do a little star-gazing, Jasper National Park is one of the best in the world!

7. Mt. Robson – the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, is located just 100 km west of Jasper. On a clear day, you can see this massive mountain in all its glory from the highway.

Best Attractions On Our Canadian Rockies Tour

  • On our Canadian Rockies tours, from our home base in Vancouver, you’ll get to enjoy numerous other attractions on our tours that are just as exciting as what you will find in the Rockies.
  • The Last Spike – located in Craigellachie, near Revelstoke is one of the most famous historical sites in BC. This is where the “last spike” of the Canadian Pacifica Railway route was struck, thereby completing the first rail route across Cnada in 1885.
  • Grizzli Winery – stop at the heart of the Okanagan is always a highlight of the tour. The Grizzli winery is an amazing local institution that combines a passion for wine-making as they also promote the local arts community. This is a destination you’ll be sure to enjoy on our stop for a wine tasting!
  • Spahat Falls – are located near the town of Clearwater. Featuring two tiers, the water from Spahats creek eventually falls over 80 meters! This is an amazing must-see on any trip to the Canadian Rockies.©Lisanne_Smeele_OkanaganWineTasting8-scaled.jpg
  • BC Wildlife Park – located near Kamloops is another another amazing stop on your way into the Rockies. This non-profit helps rehabilitate orphaned and injured local wildlife and gives visitors a unique opportunity to get a little bit closer to bears, cougars, wolves, eagles and much more!
  • The Rogers Pass National Historic Site – is a great, educational stop on our tours to the Rockies.  The local Discovery Centre features interesting exhibits on avalanches (a common occurrence in these mountains), local wildlife and the history of its creation.©DCT-LisanneSmeele-BCWildlifePark-WinterRockies.jpg©DCT-LisanneSmeele-BCWildlifePark-RockiesWinter.jpg

There are so many amazing attractions in the Rockies it’s hard to talk about them all. This is just a taste of what you can experience on an adventure with Discover Canada Tours. Be sure to check out the Rockies Winter Premium, Rockies Summer Premium and Rockies Summer Classic tours to be able to see these amazing attractions in person!

Written by Lucas Coldwell. Photos courtesy of ©Lisanne Smeele, ©Mike Seehagel, ©Canva