WHAT is Discover Canada Tours?

We are a family-owned and operated tourism agency in Vancouver. As a leading tour operator in Western Canada, we connect travellers to communities through sustainable tourism. We foster human connections in authentic, year-round travel experiences throughout Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Our adventurers are our top priority and we commit to providing you with unforgettable, safe adventures for the best value.

WHY travel with us?

Discover Canada Tours is a leading travel specialist in Western Canada. We are proud to be a trusted, locally-based, family-owned and operated travel company. We take pride in the fact that many of our adventurers travel with us repeatedly or are referrals from our past guests. We are also delighted to have been awarded the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award for several years.

We strive to keep our travellers in safe hands. More importantly, we make it our mission to make you part of something bigger – a community brought together by the passion for adventure, exploration and culture. As a company that tours Canada, we celebrate and share our country’s diversity with others to help travellers appreciate and feel accepted within our cultures. We aim to be a sustainable company, working with and committed to giving back to our communities.

As you embark on your authentic travel experience, you will form meaningful relationships with yourself and fellow adventurers. Our tour guides are experienced, friendly and passionate about Canada and its communities, and will go above and beyond to ensure you have a memorable experience while ensuring the utmost safety and flexibility.

Our tours and destinations cater to a wide range of ages, budgets, interests and fitness levels. We operate our own fleet of comfortable mini-coaches or charter deluxe coaches and manage your itineraries, ground and ferry transportation, night accommodations and activity bookings. We can also book flights, travel insurance and more. In short, we relieve the stress of planning and organizing your vacation. Are you ready to Live the Adventure?

HOW did we get here?

Our story is a family story… Bear with us as we travel back to the 90s!

Doug and Dianne Revell are the proud owners of the UNIGLOBE Specialty Travel franchise since 1995, and one of their daughters, Kelly, is the General Manager. Their other daughter, Stacey Thorson, and Clint Drdul, Kelly’s husband, founded Discover Canada Tours under the UNIGLOBE brand in 2005.

Driven by their shared passion for adventure, exploration and tourism, Stacey and Clint guided the very first Discover Canada Tour to the Canadian Rocky Mountains in March of 2005. Since then, we have hosted over 450,000 travellers across Western Canada and have become Western Canada’s tour specialist of choice.

Discover Canada Tours has grown significantly over the years and we now cater to various types of travel styles, ranging from experienced adventurers, solo travellers, families, young adults and school students. We do so under five distinctive brands; Discover Canada Tours, West Trek Tours, Destination Snow, Discover Canada Student Adventures, and the new Extraordinary Experiences Collection.


WHO are we?

Our green team is the dream team to deliver memorable and authentic travel adventures by exploring the most iconic attractions in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

Our adventurers are more than just customers, they become members of our family when sharing exceptional travel experiences and bonding moments with our friendly guides.

The team at Discover Canada Tours welcomes travellers from around the world to come Live the Adventure and explore the very best of what Canada has to offer!

WHERE do we go?

Departing from Vancouver, our most popular destination is the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains, but our travellers also love to explore The Yukon, Alberta and other cities in British Columbia, such as Whistler, Tofino and Victoria. Others prefer to go on a snow adventure or even cross the border to Seattle in the USA!

We curate our adventures and ensure our tours are not only diverse and rich in experiences but also educational and fun. We operate a wide range of activities for travellers of various budgets, fitness levels and interests. Discover Canada Tours also operates custom-made tour itineraries that are suitable for smaller groups.

Our Commitments

  • Ensure the utmost safety and security of our guests at all times.
  • Deliver the most authentic travel experiences, enriching travellers’ lives and creating lifelong connections.
  • Provide tours suitable for all ages, budgets, interests and fitness levels to give equal opportunities to experience Canada. 
  • Care for the people and the planet. We carefully design our itineraries to provide rewarding experiences, support local communities and protect our environment.
  • Enhance our guest’s and staff’s well-being by supporting and investing time and resources towards initiatives that help our cultures and society at large.

Our Values

A ‘Work hard, Play Hard’ attitude to all life’s adventures.

What does it mean to Live the Adventure? Adventure can be defined in many ways. For some, adventure can be extreme experiences like bungee jumping or whitewater rafting, for others, it can merely be heading into uncharted territories, trying something new, or exploring unfamiliar local and international destinations.

At Discover Canada Tours, we believe that adventure is whatever you make it be. We make sure that every single tour and experience that you have with us is an adventure and something that you’ll take home with you and never forget. We are passionate about travel and strive to empower international adventurers to explore the best of what Canada has to offer.

Teamwork is Dreamwork!

Working as a collaborative team allows us to achieve the impossible. We are a team of many talents. Not one person in the company performs only one task. We have high standards and set ambitious goals to achieve them as a team.

We are accountable, dependable and realize our success is a direct result of our actions. This advantage makes us a stronger organization. When our goals are achieved, we celebrate together!

Go the Extra Mile!

We strive to give our adventurers ‘the time of their lives’. Everyone in our organization is committed to this belief and will not hesitate to go above and beyond to make sure each guest is having a unique and unforgettable experience on our tours and trips. We operate on integrity and care about the impact we have on our communities and each other. We stick to our values, no matter the cost. Our adventurers come first, always!

Have Fun Doing It!

We truly believe in the importance of having a well-balanced and healthy life and we will do anything we can to ensure that our employees are able to take advantage of this. A positive image and fun loving attitude helps us be more productive and less stressed.

As we have mentioned, Life’s an Adventure and it’s about having a fun time living it!

Be Good, Do Good!

At Discover Canada Tours (DCT) Social Responsibility matters. We are committed to enhancing visitors’ experience and staff well-being by investing time and resources in supporting initiatives that benefit society, the environment and local communities and economy. We are deeply committed to preserving the destinations in which we travel through responsible tourism. Communities are the pillar of our great nation and define who we are.

We want to be showing off what we love about Canada for generations to come, that’s why we’re committed to exploring responsibly within our ecosystems and our communities.

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