How to find the right tour for your travel style

By discovercanada | January 6, 2023

A word we’ll probably be hearing a lot as we head into January and look forward to the upcoming new year. As we put a bow on 2022, a year that we are probably all happy to put behind us, let’s look forward to a year filled with travel adventure! At the beginning of every year, many of us make new years resolutions to do more and live better. We’re going to exercise more, we’re going to read more, we’re going to travel more! While Discover Canada Tours doesn’t have a personal trainer to help you lose that holiday weight (darn chocolate!) we do have personal tour guides that will ensure you enjoy traveling with us in 2023!

Here at Discover Canada Tours, we’ve got a tour that is sure to appeal to everyone, no matter their age, budget or travel style. Now, we know that everyone is different. Heck, some people like dark chocolate and some people like milk chocolate and we won’t even judge those of you who like white chocolate! Well, just like you can’t expect everyone to like the same chocolate, you can’t offer the same vacation experience and expect everyone to enjoy themselves either! That’s why at Discover Canada Tours we have 5 unique brands, offering a multitude of different travel styles to ensure that everyone has a great time – no matter how you like to travel! 


DESTINATION SNOW: If you aren’t big on that most stereotypical of New Years’ resolutions: the gym membership, why not try an active holiday instead? In western Canada, a great way to have fun and get a little workout at the same time, is to travel with Destination Snow. Whether you want a group snow holiday or are looking for a self-guided ski trip, Destination Snow has you covered with fantastic tours to Whistler, Revelstoke, the Rocky Mountains and much more – cheers to fun and fitness!

DISCOVER CANADA STUDENT ADVENTURES: Are you a local, or international, student looking for a great adventure in western Canada? Or are you perhaps a parent who is simply too busy to show your kid(s) around this great country but want them to have fun and safe adventures? Look no further than Discover Canada Student Adventures! With our educational travel program, adventurers on these custom tours will experience interactive and unique trips that will encourage personal growth and leave them with lasting memories – cheers to fun educational experiences!

WEST TREK TOURS: For the social adventurer, West Trek Tours offers the perfect travel experience for the young and young at heart. These are our more active group tours for people who love to explore and meet new people. West Trek trips focus on authentic experiences and we also offer a social club running weekly and monthly parties – cheers to new friends!©Lisanne_Smeele_Boat_Party_August-30-600x400-1.jpg

EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES: For travellers looking for the best of the best, Discover Canada Tours offers the Extraordinary Experience designation on some tours that offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences, taking you to the iconic destinations of western Canada. These small, premium tours have hand-picked itineraries; both to ensure better sustainability and to ensure we can access all the unique attractions in western Canada. These tours are the perfect idea to celebrate special occasions – cheers to ticking off that bucket-list item!

DISCOVER CANADA TOURS: The best for last! The original tour offerings from Discover Canada Tours are our bread and butter so to speak. These tours are about making sure everyone has a good time, with itineraries and activities designed to appeal to everyone. Whether you want a day trip to Victoria, see the highlights of the Rockies or just explore the city of Vancouver, we’ve got you covered – cheers to finding something for everyone!©Lisanne_Smeele_Victoria_Vernon_SD-41-scaled.jpg©Pursuit-ChrisAmat-BanffGondola.jpg

As we find ourselves heading into the new year, be sure to invest in yourself by enjoying new experiences that help improve your mind, body and soul. With Discover Canada Tours you can enjoy all that travel and tourism has to offer. Here’s to new beginnings and the upcoming 2023 travel season – Cheers!


Written by Lucas Coldwell. Photos courtesy of ©Jake Dyson/Devaan Ingraham/Hywel Williams/Lisanne Smeele/Janelle Visser/Destination BC/Chris Amat/Albert Normandin