Add Vancouver Island’s Inside Passage to your 2023 Bucket List

By discovercanada | April 20, 2023
One of the most stunning sights in all of Canada is British Columbia’s Inside Passage. A protected stretch of ocean running from southern BC to Alaska (over 1500 km of coastline) the Inside Passage is undoubtedly, one of the most breathtaking areas in the world to take an ocean cruise. It is rightfully at the top of many people’s travel bucket list. With Discover Canada Tours, we will take you through the most beautiful and marine-rich sections on the Inside Passage, from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert, within British Columbia, Canada. This day-long ocean cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many people. The cruise operates only in the daylight hours (for the best sightseeing) for most of the year, making the trip between Port Hardy on Vancouver Island to Prince Rupert on BC’s mainland in about 16 hours.

Where is Inside Passage located?

As the name suggests, the Inside Passage snakes inside an ocean passageway, otherwise known as a fjord. The beautiful, towering green giants of the Coastal Mountains loom up beside you as you make your way through the passage. There aren’t many places in the world where you can take an ocean cruise surrounded by mountains! Lighthouses and old canneries dot the coastline as do small First Nations villages such as Klemtu, Bella Bella and Ocean Falls – traditional coastal communities worth a visit of their own. With the Inside Passage being just a few hundred meters wide in some areas you’ll be stunned at the unique geography on offer as you sail these deep ocean waters with mountains and waterfalls not far from sight! Sailing through this narrow passage means that your time on the ship is especially calm making the cruise perfect for both animal sights and rest and relaxation©Wikipedia.jpg©LisanneSmeele-InsidePassage-8-scaled.jpg©LisanneSmeele-InsidePassage-10-scaled.jpg

Inside Passage, the wildlife paradise! 

The Inside Passage is notably home to one of the world’s most marine-rich waters. Teeming with sea life, the region will bombard you with sightings of humpback and killer whales, dolphins, sea lions and much more marine life. Photographers should be sure to keep their eyes focused on the tree line as well for sightings of eagles and other birds of prey. For the truly lucky individual, a sighting of the Kermode bear, otherwise known as the Spirit bear is possible. This exceedingly rare black bear sports white fur and resides only in a region called the Great Bear Rainforest, which borders sections of the Inside Passage.©LisanneSmeele-Whalewatching-11.jpg

Explore Inside Passage with Discover Canada Tours!

Now that you’ve put the Inside Passage on a shortlist for your next vacation, let Discover Canada Tours help you make this trip a reality.

We offer 2 stunning tours that take you across BC and focused on this amazing ocean adventure:

  1. Our guided tour, the Coastal BC Inside Passage & Rockies, takes you on a round-trip adventure starting in Vancouver. You will head east into BC’s desert region, the Okanagan and then into the Rocky Mountains (yet another bucket-list destination) before heading west to the coastal town of Prince Rupert to board a BC Ferries vessel and begin sailing the Inside Passage. After reaching Port Hardy on Vancouver Island, you’ll head south, exploring one of the world’s largest and diverse islands before taking another sailing back to Vancouver.
  2. Our self-guided tour, the Inside Passage & Northern Explorer, the itinerary is similar to the guided Coastal BC – Inside Passage & Rockies tour above. This self-guided adventure is perfect for couples, singles and families alike you want to make your own BC adventure but be assured their route takes them to all the must-see attractions of BC. Here you can focus on the stops you want, as you make your way towards the Rocky Mountains before heading back to the coast to begin the magical voyage on the Inside Passage.

These two spectacular itineraries offer some of the world’s most spectacular and diverse scenery. Not only will you sail the Inside Passage and see the Great Bear Rainforest but you’ll also get to see BC’s Okanagan, a desert region famous for its wines, the Rocky Mountains, filled with glaciers and stunning turquoise glacial lakes and two of Canada’s longest rivers, the mighty Fraser and Skeena rivers. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Written by Lucas Coldwell. Photos courtesy of ©Wikipedia, ©Lisanne Smeele, ©Destination BC,Yuri Choufour, ©BCFerries,KentKallberg, ©MikeSeehagel