6 Healthy Restaurants in Victoria, BC – According to Locals

By discovercanada | July 28, 2021
Victoria, BC is known for being a city that values health and sustainability and offers no end of options when it comes to offering healthy, organic, locally-sourced restaurants. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or just want to eat as much as possible without feeling guilty – Victoria has something for you.

1. Nourish

When we asked Victoria locals for their favourite spots, Nourish was mentioned repeatedly with resounding enthusiasm. Indeed, there is no better introduction to Victoria’s creative and local cuisine than farm-fresh eats served in a bright and airy heritage home-turned-restaurant.

The seasonal menu uses only whole, unprocessed, natural and organic ingredients, gathered from local farms and small-scale suppliers. No matter your dietary restriction, the menu features a multitude of vegan and gluten-free options.

The space may be as refreshing and wholesome as the food itself. On the first floor you will find a full-service dining room and a counter service Cafe for on-the-go. Venture upstairs to the cafe lounge and soak in the sun in either of the two bright and beautiful lounge spaces. Or, take advantage of the free wifi, settle in with a mug of homemade bone broth, and get to work!

What the locals say:

“The cutest place to study! It reminds me of an old grandma’s kitchen in England.” – Becca

“The best brunch EVER.” – Reilly

“A very unique vibe. If you’re in Victoria you have to check it out.” – Kat

2. Be Love

A full-service, modern restaurant, Be Love strives to “honour our earth community and one another”. The menu is entirely wheat, dairy, gluten, and processed-sugar free, and uses nearly entirely organic ingredients.

Pair your colourful and nutritious dish with an organic wine, super-food cocktail, fresh juice or smoothie. Whether you dine for brunch, lunch, dinner or dessert, you can find peace of mind knowing that everything you eat is made from scratch – with love.

What the locals say:

“Super local, delicious vegan dishes. My favourite.” – Reilly

3. Green Cuisine

Nestled in one of the oldest corners of the city, this charming, brick-lined restaurant offers over fifty multi-cuisine, completely vegan dishes in a pay-by-weight buffet style.

Despite being right in the heart of downtown, it remains a predominantly local secret, and a hot spot for a healthy and easy lunch or dinner. It’s such a secret, some locals were unsure if they wanted to let others in on this secret, but they agreed Green Cuisine deserves the attention.

It is a restaurant continually striving for mindfulness and sustainability- they use as many organic ingredients as possible, offer a 5% discount if you bring your own reusable container, sell 10% off discount cards contributing the money to charity, and are proud to feature local artists in their space.

It is truly a business doing all it can to make a positive impact.

What the locals say:

“You’ll fall in love…I’ve had some of the best vegan curry there.” – Becca

“A great place to get on-the-go veggie buffet food when wandering Downtown…a true hidden gem” – Reilly

4. The Hot and Cold Cafe

If you’re looking for a healthy meal on the go, The Hot and Cold Cafe is the perfect spot. From sandwiches to salads to hearty curry-rice bowls, everything on the menu is vegetarian and made from scratch and with island-sourced ingredients. Located right in the middle of Cook St. Village, it’s the perfect place to stop for a healthy lunch.

Try their creamy Almond Veggie Sandwich made with housemade almond spread, avocado, and a mountain of veggies between homemade focaccia bread, and pair it with a side of Yellow Curry Coconut Soup (which one local claimed, “deserves awards”).

For a lighter lunch, try the Divinity Salad – homemade sauerkraut, goat cheese, beets, avocado, drizzled with a maple balsamic dressing.

What the locals say:

“Truly one of my favourite places to get lunch in Victoria…I personally think everything they make is incredible and I recommend their entire menu.” – Keara

5. Demitasse Cafe & Garden Centre

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a plant, get a coffee, and eat lunch al in the same place, Demitasse is the place for you. Located in Greater Victoria’s Oak Bay, Demitasse is worth the trip outside Downtown.

If you arrive early you’ll be greeted with the aroma of freshly baked bread, or come in for lunch and try a delicious homemade pizza, burger, or curry. As one Victoria local says, “their salads are where they really shine.” Fresh, organic, and as local as possible, the cafe offers at least six unique and inspired salads available daily, with scrumptious ingredients such as curried mango tofu, sweet potato and black bean, or Moroccan root vegetables.

Choose a few, then venture outside and dine amidst the lush flora in the beautiful outdoor garden centre.

What the locals say:

“It’s cute as heck and definitely worth a visit…their salads are so good you’ll definitely want to take a little extra for the road.” – Keara

6. Origin Bakery

Origin Bakery is Victoria’s first 100% gluten-free bakery. It’s also the first place you should look if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty. Offering a wide selection of delectable sweets from pies to tarts to buttercream cakes, as well as a plethora of gluten-free loaves, you can indulge while knowing everything is entirely celiac friendly.

What the locals say:

“A celiac friend of mine once brought me some of their eclairs and I don’t think I would ever be able to tell the difference between an Origin eclair and a traditional, gluten-filled eclair. Seriously, don’t sleep on these eclairs (or their macaroons, almond slice, or brownies).” – Keara

Experience Victoria’s endless options of healthy eats for yourself. Book your trip to Victoria today.

Written by Katrina Martin