Top 8 reasons to visit The Yukon

By discovercanada | January 18, 2023
Located in northwestern Canada, north of British Columbia and east of Alaska, The Yukon territory is for intrepid travellers looking to explore Canada’s vast wilderness. Whether you are looking to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), learn more about the history of local indigenous groups or try your luck panning for gold in the Klondike, we can’t think of many more exciting places to visit in Canada than The Yukon territory!

Here are what we think are the top 8 reasons why we think you should visit the Yukon in 2023!

1. Northern Lights
One of the world’s most exceptional, naturally-occurring, phenomena, the Aurora Borealis (AKA northern lights) is a visual experience everyone should have in their lifetime. In technical terms, particles from the sun hit Earth’s atmosphere where our magnetic field redirects these particles toward the poles. This redirection in the atmosphere creates a stunning light show of green, yellow and sometimes purple waves dancing across the sky. As the sky needs to be dark and clear for nature’s light show to appear it’s best to visit from late August to April for your best Aurora viewing chances. 

2. Indigenous History
The local indigenous groups in the Yukon territory have lived in the region for many thousands of years. Learning more about their culture and history in this part of Canada is something you can do easily when in the Yukon. From the Da Kų Culture Centre in Haines Junction to the Kluane Museum of History in Burwash Landing and the Thachäl Dhäl Visitor Centre, you’ll be enthralled by the thousands of years of history to be explored here.

3. Gold
If there’s one thing we humans have treasured throughout history, it’s gold. When over 100,000 miners, mostly from the US and Canada, made their way to The Yukon in the early 19th Century, life in the region would never be the same. While there have been indigenous peoples living in the region for thousands of years, it was the Klondike Gold Rush that brought European settlers to the area and helped form modern-day Yukon.

4. Parks
The Yukon is one of the best regions in Canada for outdoor adventure and exploration. With 3 National Parks and 8 territorial parks, you won’t run out of places to explore! Perhaps the best-known park on the Yukon is Kluane National Park. Whether you are there to see Canada’s tallest mountain, Mt. logan, explore the rapids of Tatshenshini River or are on the lookout for Grizzly bears, this is an amazing park and one of many in Yukon not to be missed.

5. Land of the midnight sun
In the summer you can enjoy amazingly long days, which will give you more than enough time to fit in any activity you want. In fact, in June, the sun doesn’t set until 11:30 pm and rises just 5 hours later at 4:30!

6. Winter activities
Be prepared for a bit more darkness if you come in the winter, with sunset by 5:30pm and sunrise around 11am that is a lot of dark! All this darkness does have a great benefit though: it is the perfect season for Northern Lights viewing. And when there is daylight you’ll have no shortage of activities to enjoy; from snowmobiling and snowshoeing to dog-sledding and ice-fishing – you just need a well-planned itinerary to fit everything in and Discovery Canada Tours can help with packages with our Northern Lights tour and dog-mushing adventure!©Lisanne_Smeele_Yukon_March-44-scaled.jpg

7. Wildlife
Caribou, Moose, bears, wolves, and too many other amazing animals to list inhabit the Yukon. There is so much wildlife here that you can’t miss them. Kluane National Park has some of the largest populations of Grizzly bears in the world and the Yukon is also home to the porcupine caribou annual migration that consists of over 200,000 caribou!

8. World’s best! 

  • World’s largest non-volcanic mountain
  • World’s largest icefield (not in the polar regions)
  • World’s smallest desert
  • World’s longest mammal migration
  • World’s largest (arguably) sign collection
  • World’s own Sour-toe cocktail – yes, your drink comes with a human toe in it!

There you have it, 8 amazing reasons why we think you should visit the Yukon in 2023. Now, with Discover Canada tours’ partnership with Air North, the Yukon’s premier, locally-owned airline; getting to the Yukon from Vancouver has never been easier. Whether you are planning a last-minute Northern Lights or dog mushing adventure or are thinking ahead to this summer and joining our Yukon Deluxe Summer Lakeside Adventure, Discover Canada Tours has you covered. Now, with our Air North partnership, we can take you from the bustling metropolis of Vancouver to Whitehorse in just a few hours – so sign up soon before space is gone!

Written by Lucas Coldwell. Photos courtesy of ©Tourism Yukon/Tourism Yukon Robert Postma/Dancarr/Vemura Paul/Ben Egger/Taylor Burk/