Thanksgiving and Corporate Values

By discovercanada | October 1, 2022
As we wind down our summer travels and head into fall, Canadians turn their attention to one of our most popular holidays, Canadian Thanksgiving. On the second Monday of October, it’s tradition for family and friends to come together to spend the holiday long weekend together, capped off with a turkey dinner. Thanksgiving is so named as we give thanks to our families and the friendships that we enjoy as well as the food on our plate.

The tradition of Canadian Thanksgiving dates back hundreds of years, to the famous explorer, Martin Frobisher. In 1578, he and his crew enjoyed a large feast to celebrate their safe arrival after months of exploring Canada’s north. Early in the next century, many European settlers began an annual, celebratory feast as well. These feasts were to give thanks to God, the land and helpful Indigenous people, whenever there was a successful harvest. Quite often, turkey was served as they were the most plentiful protein source at the time.

As we celebrate thanksgiving it is a great time to focus on one of our most important values at Discover Canada Tours: Be good, Do good.

What would happen if everyone lead their life by the value of be good, do good and all tourists started travelling with purpose? If everyone acted in a way that was good for themselves and good for everyone around them, we could do a lot of good! At Discover Canada Tours we want to be a good business, one that helps our employees succeed and our guests to enjoy themselves. We also want to do good for the communities we take our guests to on their Canadian holiday by helping them travel with purpose.

Travelling with purpose refers to supporting the land and communities we all travel to, to help everyone enjoy the success that can come with being a popular tourism destination. Suggestions to help you travel with purpose could be donating your time to help keep clean the areas you travel to, like volunteering at Vancouver’s annual Beach Clean-Up  (we’ll see you there!). It could also mean making sure you book with companies that support independent local operators within the communities you travel in. We hope you will ensure your next holiday is spent travelling with purpose!

To give special thanks to our guests at this time of year and to help them celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, we’re offering two fantastic 4-day trips to the Rockies which will include a proper Canadian Thanksgiving dinner for all guests! Be sure to sign up for the Summer Rockies Explorer Tour or our Rockies Summer Classic tour for this special treat! Not only will you enjoy a traditional thanksgiving dinner, but these tours will also bring you to quintessential Western Canadian destinations, like Vancouver, Banff and the Rocky Mountains as well as take you through some of western Canada’s wonderful, unique communities.

After visiting these towns and attractions and enjoying a wonderful turkey dinner with us we think you’ll feel thankful for the experience and feel like you have travelled with purpose too!

Written by Lucas Coldwell. Photos courtesy of © Lisanee Smeele