Take a journey to the awe-inspiring heart of Canada and Polar Bear Capital of the World

Churchill, Manitoba | ©Travel Manitoba


Churchill, Manitoba is a remote gateway to polar bear encounters, beluga whales sightings and Arctic wonders.

Nestled along the west shore of Hudson Bay, Churchill is a remote wilderness haven and a true Canadian gem located in northern Manitoba. With its blend of untamed natural beauty and captivating wildlife encounters, Churchill is a destination that promises to ignite your spirit of adventure like no other. This quaint northern town, often referred to as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World”, invites travellers to explore its rugged terrain, witness the majestic polar bears and beluga whales in their native habitat, and immerse themselves in the breathtaking Arctic landscapes and that define this remote corner of Manitoba. Churchill is also a great destination to witness the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis, situated beneath the Auroral Oval and with over 300 nights of auroral activity each year. Churchill offers three distinct tourist seasons, each with its own unique attractions:

  • October and November are known as the ‘Polar Bear Season‘, as they await the freezing of the sea ice. This season allows guests to have close encounters with these majestic creatures from official Tundra Buggies®.
  • In February and March, the ‘Subarctic Aurora Borealis Season, offers breathtaking Northern Lights displays as well as thrilling winter activities like dog-mushing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.
  • Finally, the months of July and August bring the ‘Beluga Whales Season’, when the Churchill River teems with these friendly and inquisitive creatures. This season also provides opportunities to see polar bears.

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