Surrounded by five Canadian national parks, the Rocky Mountains offer a spectacular experience in nature unlike any other.

Summer Rocky Mountain Tours

Winter Rocky Mountain Tours

Be surrounded by majestic mountain peaks

With a variety of Rocky Mountain tours departing from Vancouver and Victoria throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to experience the best Canada has to offer!

In each of the four seasons, be ready to experience breath taking natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the surrounding parks. Watch the flowers bloom and trees coming alive in the springtime along with power waterfalls forming from the snow melting on the mountains. In summer, witness stunning glaciers, turquoise lakes and beautiful wildlife that can only be seen on this side of the world. As temperature starts to cool, see the picturesque colours of the trees turning from soft green into golden yellow in autumn. When winter approaches, nature seems to be frozen in time with iced-over lakes and frozen waterfalls along with blankets of snow all over the area. 

Whenever you go, Discover Canada Tours will be there every step of the way, showing you the best stops to showcase the natural history and beauty of the Rocky Mountains.