8 Instagram-Worthy Photos to Take in the Rocky Mountains

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Soaring snow-capped peaks piercing lazy clouds.
Crimson trains snaking through dense emerald forests.
Bighorn sheep and elk grazing next to turquoise rivers.
Lakes so blue they look photo-shopped shimmering in the morning light.

There is no doubt about it, every inch of the Canadian Rockies begs a photo-opp. And these days, getting the perfect Instagram photo is the most important souvenir you can get.

After countless visits to the Rockies, we’ve gathered the best places to make sure you get that killer shot.

1. Moraine Lake

Nothing says the Canadian Rockies quite like a backdrop of towering mountains reflected on a bright blue lake. For a unique perspective, follow the trail by the washrooms and climb the rock staircase that leads to the lookout. Find a safe rock to stand on, and snap away!

2. Canoeing on Emerald Lake

Canoeing is offered at most of the major lakes in Banff – Lake Louise, Emerald Lake, and Moraine Lake.

A red canoe on shining green water, with mountains and a perfectly picturesque lodge in the background? It doesn’t get more insta-worthy than that!

Photo Credit: Lisanne Smeele

3. Peyto Lake

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Lake or wolf? Spot the furry ears and snout of this milky blue lake from Bow Summit, which is 2,088 metres above sea level. Toss a Canadian flag in the photo, and you’re #CanadianAF.

4. Lake Louise (Fairmont Chateau)

Lake Louise is Canada’s most photographed spot for a reason. That being said, it is also one of the busiest – especially during peak summer months. Dodge the selfie sticks by walking further around the lake, or even better, do one of the many hikes which start from the lake for a rewarding view.

5. Icefields Parkway

This 232km drive connecting Lake Louise and Jasper is repeatedly rated as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. As you drive, you are hugged by vaulting rock faces and given countless options of places to stop, including waterfalls, glaciers, lakes and limestone caves! Allow yourself time to stop as you enjoy the drive.

Photo Credit: Lisanne Smeele

6. Sulphur Mountain (Banff Gondola)

You think once you’ve seen one mountain, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong. If you stop in Banff, Sulphur Mountain – or the Banff Gondola – is undoubtedly a ‘must-do.’ If a 2-3 hour hike up does not sound appealing to you, you can take a relaxing gondola ride up the mountain.

At the top, you’ll be offered breathtaking 360-degree views of Banff. Be sure to walk the boardwalk that spans ridge to get the most breathtaking shot.

Photo Credit: Lisanne Smeele

7. Johnston Canyon

Offering hikes for all ages and fitness levels, Johnston Canyon is the perfect stop outside of Banff. The Canyon is open all year round, and if you visit in the winter, you will have an icy adventure through frozen falls.

Whether you only visit the Lower Falls or continue further to the Upper Falls, you can see trees climbing out of soaring canyon walls, and beautiful crystal waterfalls. Get that long exposure going, and snap the perfect waterfall shot!

8. Wildlife

If you’re in the Rockies for at least a few days, you’re pretty much guaranteed to cross some wildlife. The parks are teeming with elk, caribou, deer, bighorn sheep, and yes…bears.

For your safety, keep your distance and instead use your most powerful lens. Never turn your back to a wild animal (no selfies!) and remember, NEVER feed the animals, no matter how badly you want the photo.

Written by Katrina Martin

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