Why Western Canada Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

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There is a reason why you see so many tourists in BC and Alberta every summer; they know what Western Canada has to offer, do you?

Like you, we here at Discover Canada Tours are excited to travel again as soon as possible. After a long winter stuck inside, our need to visit Western Canada’s charming towns and beautiful landscapes is at an all-time high. Western Canada is a world-class destination and the summer of 2021 is the perfect time to get out and explore your backyard.

Before Covid, summers could see popular tourist destinations in BC and Alberta (Tofino, Victoria and Banff to name a few) busy with tourists. Victoria’s Inner Harbour would be bursting with people, Tofino’s hotels were full and attractions in Banff had line-ups as far as the eye could see. But, with fewer tourists this summer, it’s the perfect time to explore Western Canada. From the picture-perfect Rocky Mountains to the beaches of Tofino there is something for everyone to enjoy!

And if you are disappointed that you aren’t travelling internationally this summer let us show you just how great Western Canada is.

  1. Missing your annual pilgrimage to Mexico? Look no further than Tofino and its beaches.
  2. Did you have plans to visit the Swiss Alps? The Rocky Mountains have all the outdoor adventures you want.
  3. Were you hoping to visit Europe for its history and culture? Be sure to check out Victoria and its unique heritage.

Missing your annual pilgrimage to Mexico? If you’re saddened that you won’t be lying on the beach and playing in the sand this summer, don’t worry, Tofino has you covered.

Tofino is a charming hippie town. Featuring top-quality resorts, awesome local businesses and world-renowned Long Beach. Surrounded by the temperate rainforests of Pacific Rim National Park and lying along the Pacific Ocean, Tofino is the perfect remote getaway. Whether you want to take a hike on the many local trails, learn how to surf, or go on a whale-watching adventure, you can do it all in Tofino and nearby Ucluelet.

Join our Wild Pacific Tour and visit Tofino and Ucluelet this summer

Did you have plans to visit Switzerland this summer? If you were dreaming of riding a cable car and going for a hike in the Alps all before dining and shopping in the local villages, know that you can do it all right here in Western Canada!

While many people dream of the Alps and seeing the Matterhorn, Mt. Robson, in the Rocky Mountains, features equally amazing views. A picture of Mt. Robson from Berg Lake is even more impressive than the Matterhorn! In the Rocky Mountains, you can also take a cruise on Moraine Lake, soar above the sky on the Banff Gondola and get up close and personal with the Athabasca Glacier on the Ice Explorer. You’ll find all the outdoor adventures you need and much more in the Rocky Mountains.

Near the West Coast, Whistler features the world’s highest cable car, the Peak2Peak gondola, hanging out at 436 meters (1430 feet) above the ground! A more impressive viewpoint can’t be found in the Alps or anywhere else. For even more adventure, you can go Zip-trekking, Bungee-jumping or riding an ATV all before settling in for dinner and drinks at the many restaurants in the village.

Join us daily as we depart for Whistler and take you on a tour of the village and its amazing activities

For those of you that were hoping to visit Europe this summer and learn about its history and culture, don’t forget that Western Canada’s history is even more impressive.

This summer you’ll want to take the scenic ferry ride over to Vancouver Island to visit the quaint city of Victoria. One of the oldest settlements in the Pacific Northwest, Victoria features its own European charm and unique heritage. Before you arrive in Victoria, be sure to visit Butchart Gardens and enjoy its numerous award-winning gardens and flowers spread over 55 acres. A highlight in downtown Victoria is North America’s second-oldest Chinatown with unique shops, restaurants and alleyways to explore. At night, be sure to eat out in one of Victoria’s many trendy restaurants dotted along the Inner Harbour. To cap off your stay, be sure to see the Royal BC Museum to learn about Western Canada’s history and learn about the local Indigenous People – whose history rivals any in Europe!

Visit Victoria daily this summer with a trip to Butchart Gardens and a sightseeing tour of downtown Victoria

With all that Western Canada has to offer, do you even remember why you wanted to go anywhere else this summer?

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