Top 5 Travel Goals for 2020

Athabasca Glacier - Columbia Ice Fields - Canadian Flag
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New year,  new travel destinations! Hello, 2020!

The beginning of a new year, or even a new decade in our case, is always exciting. This is the time, when we all set goals and expectations for the upcoming 12 months. Although some New Year’s resolutions have been already dragged with us for a while, we are starting with a blank page again.

Let’s be honest – we might not run into the nearest gym right away, but hey, who could say no to start making new travel plans? We don’t even have to go too far to disconnect from the everyday hustle and bustle, and reconnect to the nature and wilderness. Western Canada is full of natural treasures with many provincial parks in British Columbia and Alberta.

Check out our top 5 travel goals in Western Canada picked for 2020!

1. Trekking through the highest peak of the Canadian Rockies to the breathtaking Berg glacier lake

What comes into your mind first, when you hear “Rockies”? Most likely Moraine Lake, Lake Louis,  Columbia Ice Fields, Banff Hot Springs… aka the most popular destinations in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Range. Without doubt, they are all spectacular places, we love them all! However, we’ve got a unique and less known destination in mind for this year.

With its 3,954 meters elevation, the Mount Robson is the highest point of the Canadian Rockies. Behind the mountain, there is the Berg glacier lake that is fed by the icy trio of Berg, Mist, and Robson glaciers. It is a 23 km long scenic trail that leads to the lake through the Valley of Thousand Falls. Since you’ll need to plan a multi-day backcountry hiking trip, it is highly recommended to check out the seven campgrounds located along the trail and make a reservation for your camping spot in advance. The Berg Lake Trail is accomplishable for beginners to advanced hikers as well.

2. Chasing waterfalls in the Wells Gray Provincial Park

The Wells Gray is located in East-Central BC, and it is the home of 41 waterfalls. The most famous one is the Helmcken Falls originating from Murtle river. During winter time, you can see the 141 meters high waterfall frozen. It is definitely an amazing adventure in any season.

3. Spotting whales and watching an epic sunset in Tofino

Vancouver Island is definitely one of our ever favorite destinations. In the Pacific Rim National Park, you have a high chance to see wildlife such as black bears, whales, bald eagles, and seals. Since Tofino is the surf capital of British Columbia, you can just hop on the waves any time. If you enjoy more relaxing activities, there is option for you to go kayaking or visit the local hot springs. The perfect way to end a pleasant day in Tofino is watching a spectacular sunset sitting on the beach with your friends or family, then joining a s’mores and story telling night by the campfire. 

Sounds like a trip you also want to do this year? Our 2020 tours are already open!


4. Sipping the best local wines with a stunning view of Naramata

Wine lovers, attention! Did you know that there are 182 wineries along Kelowna and the 135 km-long Okanagan Lake? There are many various wine tasting tours you can sign up for, but you can just visit the local wineries anytime during their opening hours. Its just a couple of hours drive from Vancouver, and you will get that Tuscan summer feeling right away. Perfect place for a romantic getaway with your special one or a fun trip with your best friends. While enjoying the best wine selections and the view of the Okanagan Lake, keep your eyes open! You might spot Ogopogo, Canada’s legendary 15 meters long lake monster.

5. Experiencing the magic of the Northern Lights in Yukon

The Aurora Borealis, aka Northern Lights are one of the seven natural wonders of world. It is undoubtedly an extraordinary experience that most of you probably have it on your bucket list already. You have the highest chance to see northern lights within Northwestern Canada is in Yukon, just outside of Whitehorse. The best time to visit is from January until mid-April, when the nights are long and the sky is dark and clear. You can even spice up and make your trip more unforgettable with special activities such as dog sledding, ice fishing, snowmobile tour.


While writing this travel list, our thoughts are going out to our Australian friends fighting the destructive bushfires on the other side of the world. We were truly sorry to hear about the ongoing happenings in Australia. We would like to ensure everyone affected by the fires that we are with you even in the hardest times and you can always count on our support. If there is anything we could help you with, do not hesitate to reach out to our team at

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