Name: Rhawnie

Nickname: Rha Rha or just R because Rhawnie is too difficult to spell

Favorite Tour: I have to pick one?! All of them, but the Rockies have my heart

Countries I have been to: USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, England, Scotland.

Favorite Place in Canada: Cyprus Lake in Ontario, and Canmore, BC

Fun Fact about Me: I am ambidextrous.

What I like to do when I’m not guiding: Plan my next big excursion, while hiking with my dog. Spend time on my yoga mat.



Name: Chris

Nickname:  Chrissy, English

Countries I have been to:  15: England ☺, Scotland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, USA, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Holland, Greece & Cyprus.

Favourite spots in Western Canada: Finding peace and serenity in the silence of the Rockies; particularly Bow Lake and Moraine Lake. Swimming in Alta Lake, Whistler. Relaxing in Tofino Hot Springs while the ocean pounds the rocks.

Fun Fact: I like to eat kiwi fruit with the skin on…

What I like to do when I’m not a tour guide: play soccer, explore powdery snow on my snowboard, cook beautiful food (like Gordon Ramsay), hang with friends and go to the gym to keep fit.



Name: Janelle

Nickname: Janell-A (it’s “window” in Portuguese)

Favorite Tour: TOFINO!!!!!!!

Countries I have been to: Canada, USA, Mexico, Russia, Philippines, Haiti, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Germany, Australia, New Zealand.

Favorite Place in Canada: TOFINO!!!!!! Specifically, on the beach with some awesome friends watching the sun set.

Fun Fact about Me: I lived in Japan for 4 years and learned aikido, Japanese taiko drumming, and a bit of Japanese language. 生活は冒険です!

What I like to do when I’m not guiding: Go to the beach or the mountains, watch a sunrise or a sunset, write stories, save the world (mostly in video games), play guitar, and go on adventures.



Name: Jeremie

Nickname: Jer

Favorite Tour: Tofino!

Countries I have been to: Central and Southern America, Southeast and Eastern Asia, New Zealand, France and a few more (35+ countries)

Favorite Place in Canada: Tofino is pretty amazing. Waterton Lakes National Park is also a huge favourite in this beautiful country of ours.

Fun Fact about Me: Born in raised in Montreal, Quebec, so say Bonjour en Francais!

What I like to do when I’m not guiding: Hiking, camping, fly fishing, snowboarding, going to concerts and visiting breweries.



Name: Kim

Nickname: Queen of Victoria

Favorite Tour: Victoria

Countries I have been to: Mexico, Cuba, Japan, and the USA.

Favourite Place in Canada: Ogden Point at night during a storm.

Fun Fact about Me: I have been to every province in Canada 🇨🇦

What I like to do when I’m not guiding: Exploring places I’ve never gone before.



Name: Michelle

Nickname: Not applicable 

Favorite Tour: The Rockies has my heart

Countries I have been to: Ecuador, Colombia, Australia, Mexico, Taiwan, French Polynesia, USA.

Favourite Place in Canada: Vancouver, best weather ever!! 

Fun Fact about Me: I’m much funnier when I speak Spanish 

What I like to do when I’m not guiding: Makeup design for film and television; is my other side and being able to be express myself artistically fills my soul.



Name: Mickey

Nickname: Mick/ Mickster/ Mickmister/ Fabs

Favorite Tour: Any tour I’m on!  Each location is Speical in its own right but it’s a privilege just to be put on as your Guide!

Countries I have been to: JapPow.. I mean Japan although I’ve never been to there mountains (yet) the city’s where like non other!

Favourite Place in Canada: As a B.C. boy, born and raised, its got to be a tight race between Tofino and The interior. Tofino is all about the water, surfing, scuba diving, sea life, and the interior is all about the mountains, Summits, Snow and  peaks. But BOTH are breathtakingly beautiful!

Fun Fact about Me: I LOVE WOOD! I’m a carpenter by trade, and exposed wood grain really gets me going.

What I like to do when I’m not guiding: You’ll usually find me outside, whether it’s camping, hiking, snowboarding, snowmobiling, touring I try to Explore our ‘back yard’ in every and any way possible as much as possible!



Name: Monica

Nickname: Bear Bait

Favorite Tour: Revelstoke!

Countries I have been to:America, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Ireland, England, Austria, Germany, Italy, Chzeck Republic, India.

Favourite Place in Canada: Tofino, BC

Fun Fact about Me: I can remain in a hot tub for a surprisingly long time.

What I like to do when I’m not guiding: I love getting in to the water or woods for surfs or hikes. I also love the city and wandering for good food, bevs and tunes. 



Name: Erik

Nickname: “Tree Whisperer” and “Eriky”

Favorite Tour: Rockie Mountains!

Countries I have been to: USA, Poland, Greece, Italy

Favorite Place in Canada: Gulf Islands

Fun Fact about Me: I Play lots of Instruments:Bass, Banjolele, Guitar, Djembe

What I like to do when I’m not guiding: You’ll find me exploring outdoors with my camera, painting, bird watching, drawing, weeding my garden, feeding my fish, playing music



Name: Katrina

Nickname: Katdaddy, or just Kat 

Favourite Tour: Too many good ones, but ROCKIES baby! 

Countries I have been to: Canada, US, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka

Favourite place in Canada: Tofino! Or at the top of any mountain 🙂 

Fun Fact About Me: I once rode a motorbike over a landslide, in the dark, during a thunderstorm! 

What I Like to do when I’m not guiding: I like to write, hike, read, draw, or try something I’m bad at! 

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