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Seattle’s Best Indoor Escapes

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Known as the Emerald City for its abundance of greenery, Seattle is a beautiful city to explore outdoors, but as the weather cools down it can be nice to experience what the city has to offer indoors as well. On a rainy day, the famous Seattle Space Needle may not offer the best photos, but there are many amazing spots that will. Here are a few favourite indoor places to escape to on a tour to Seattle: 

Chihuly Gardens & Glass Museum

With colourful and amazing glass blown sculptures – some several stories high – this is one of the most unique places in Seattle to visit, and get some amazing photos while you’re at it. Named for Dale Chihuly, the artist whose glass blown sculptures can be found in hundreds of museums across the world, this museum is a long term exhibition of his work. Walk through the magical indoor galleries, stroll the greenhouse of glass-blown plants, then enjoy the outdoor garden of live and glass plants mixed together, all under the umbrella of the Seattle Space Needle towering above. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to witness a glass-blowing demonstration in the courtyard.

Greenhouse of glass-blown flowers

Museum of Pop Culture (MoPop)

Seattle is known for its musical history, from being the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix to the birthplace of the grunge movement with artists like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. The Museum of Pop Culture takes the music theme and expands it to include other aspects of culture, including horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and even an entire exhibit dedicated to Star Trek. There’s an entire floor where you can try different musical instruments, experiment with a DJ deck, record and mix a song. And there’s an independent video games room where you can try out a rotating selection of the latest in indie gaming. Finally don’t miss the special exhibits: right now it’s everything Marvel! The biggest downside of this place is you could easily spend your entire day here… so just make sure you don’t miss your bus back to Vancouver!

Tower of guitars inside MoPop

Underground Tour

Of all the interesting things about Seattle, Bill Spiedel’s Underground Tour has got to be one of the coolest. Located in – or more accurately, under – the heart of the city’s oldest neighbourhood, Pioneer Square, the Seattle Underground is a series of interconnected buildings and sidewalks located beneath the current street level of Seattle. On the tour a comedian guide will have you learning and laughing through the underground that was buried after Seattle was rebuilt above it after a massive fire in 1889.

Exploring the Seattle Underground – Photo credit Jeroen Van Luin (Flickr CC)

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