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The Magic of Winter in the Rockies

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There is nothing quite as magical as winter in the Canadian Rockies, and on the upcoming November long weekend we are sending out our first winter tours of the season! While these mountains are beautiful any time of year, winter is the best time for a truly magical Canadian winter mountain experience. Here’s a few things that make our winter tours extra magical:

Walk on Water… Really!

Did you know that Canadians can walk on water? Join us for a winter Rockies tour and you, too, can experience this miracle. Lake Louise freezes over in the wintertime and you can go for a walk – or better yet an ice skate – or even better yet, an ice hockey game – on the frozen-over water of this world famous lake.

Ice Castle atop the frozen waters of Lake Louise | Photo credit: Tourism Alberta

Hear Stories from the Beginning of Time

Canada’s aboriginal or indigenous peoples, the First Nations, have passed down the history of the world and its people through storytelling for countless generations. On the Rockies Winter Classic Tour, one of the highlights is an overnight stay at a First Nations lodge, where a First Nations cultural host will share some of these stories by the light of the campfire.

The telling of First Nations legends and stories feels even more magical by firelight.

Witness a True Winter Wonderland

Whether by snowboard, snowmobile, snow tube, or snowshoe, in the Rockies you will have the opportunity to get right in the midst of a winter wonderland of snow.  If that all sounds too intense for you and you prefer to relax your way through winter, go on a sleigh ride in Banff or admire the wintery views from the warmth of the Banff Hot Springs. In this Winter Wonderland there’s something for everyone!


Ski or snowboard in the heart of the Rockies | Photo courtesy of Banff & Lake Louise Tourism: Reuben Krabbe

Enjoy a relaxing soak in the heart of the Rockies | Photo courtesy of Banff & Lake Louise Tourism: Noel Hendrickson

We have Rockies tours with departures all winter from Vancouver and Victoria, including special tours on Christmas and New Year’s. See the links below for details!