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Indigenous Experiences in Western Canada

Traveling anywhere in Canada is traveling on the unceded lands of Indigenous peoples. This land has been their home for centuries, and Discover Canada Tours is proud to have the opportunity to showcase the rich cultures and traditions of our … Read More

Discover Vancouver Day Tours and more

If you have limited time to explore Vancouver during your holidays or business trip, a guided day tour is the best way to explore the city and its surroundings. Rather than figuring out transportation and schedules, let local destination expert … Read More

A Foodies tour of Whistler

Whistler is one of the best-known destinations for outdoor activities in the world. Whether you are looking for world-class skiing, downhill mountain biking or a swim in a lake or simply an afternoon hike, Whistler has you covered. To go … Read More

Top Indigenous Attractions of Western Canada

A visit to western Canada is not complete without experiencing the local Indigenous cultures on offer. For visitors and locals alike, there are extraordinary experiences to take in around Western Canada. There are three main types of Indigenous attractions: cultural … Read More

How Western Canada’s National Parks differ from Eastern Canada’s

When people think of Canada, many often picture its amazing natural scenery. The best way to experience our beautiful landscapes is by visiting one of our national parks. However, Canada is so big, and visitors won’t have time to see … Read More

What to look for in Western Canada’s National Parks

You’ve chosen to vacation in Western Canada; well, that’s step one. Step two is deciding what to do in our amazing parks. Western Canada is home to incredible attractions spread throughout our National Park system. We’ve searched through the National … Read More

You Choose – Private Guided, Group Guided or Self-Guided Tours

After a long year of waiting for your holiday to Western Canada, you’ve got to decide where to go and how to take explore the area. Choosing where to take your next holiday is going to take some research. With … Read More

6 Destinations in Western Canada to Visit When Visiting Vancouver

Vancouver, a cultural melting-pot, is the largest city in British Columbia. People come from all over the world to experience the best of outdoor living, excellent food inspired by every corner of the globe, and of course, use Vancouver as … Read More

5 Secret Whistler Spots

Credit: Tourism Whistler/Justa Jeskova Whistler Train Wreck The Train Wreck has been an iconic, secret, hangout for decades. What happened you might ask? In 1956 the train derailed going twice the speed limit through the corridor! The box cars have … Read More

Whistler Bucket List

4 Things You Can Strike Off Your Bucket List In Western Canada

Are you thinking of heading to Western Canada in the coming months? This gorgeous area of the world encompasses the two provinces of Alberta and British Columbia with plenty to discover, with many bucket list destinations. No matter what time … Read More