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The Glacial Lakes of the Rockies

There is nothing quite like the turquoise blue/green of the glacial lakes in the Rockies. The colour comes from the sediment that is embedded in the glaciers. As the ice melts, it runs down into the lakes in the summer … Read More


How to Pack Lightly for your Outdoor Adventures

Experience Life Outdoors in Western Canada: How to Pack Lightly for your Outdoor Adventures If you love exploring the great outdoors, Western Canada is a fantastic destination. Whether you want to observe grizzly bears catching salmon in autumn, enjoy skiing … Read More

Whistler Bucket List

4 Things You Can Strike Off Your Bucket List In Western Canada

4 Things You Can Strike Off Your Bucket List In Western Canada Are you thinking of heading to Western Canada in the coming months? This gorgeous area of the world encompasses the two provinces of Alberta and British Columbia with … Read More

Biz Talk

Biz Talk with Discover Canada Tours

Each week, Jennifer from Discover Canada Tours interviews a small business owner from Western Canada to see the pandemic has impacted their company and what steps they are taking to recover from this. Supporting local business is going to be … Read More

Canadian Skills 101

Canadian Skills 101

Canadian Skills 101 Canada is the second-largest country by landmass in the world, but our population is only 37.5 million people. That means that there are many wide-open spaces. So you need to be prepared for anything. Queue Canadian Skills … Read More

Wanderlust – Summer Tour in Victoria

Wanderlust – Tofino Whale Watching

Tofino is located in the north of Vancouver Island. From there, you can go whale-whatching, surfing, sight seeing and you can camp! VIEW ALL OF OUR #WANDERLUST POSTS


Wanderlust – Victoria the Capital of B.C.

It’s most Victorian city in Canada & capital BC; full of history, charm and natural wonder. See and enjoy this beautiful town in our video. VIEW ALL OUR #WANDERLUST POSTS

Rocky Mountains

Wanderlust – A Tour of the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains; majestic, imposing and life-changing. Follow our Rockies Premium Tour and see some of the most amazing sights Western Canada has to offer. Be prepared to be taken through some breathtaking vistas. VIEW ALL OUR #WANDERLUST POSTS

Virtual Tours – The Lakes

To ease the cabin fever you are likely experiencing as a result of being in either a state of self-isolation or full lockdown. We are going to be loading virtual tours of some of the amazing places we go to … Read More