Canadian Skills 101

Canadian Skills 101

Canadian Skills 101

Canada is the second-largest country by landmass in the world, but our population is only 37.5 million people. That means that there are many wide-open spaces. So you need to be prepared for anything. Queue Canadian Skills 101 – your guide to surviving Canada.

In this series of 10 videos, we are going to teach you the essential Canadian Skills needed when it comes time to visit us in our beautiful backyard.

The series is a practical outlook on outdoor life in Canada. There are topics such as “How to Build a Campfire,” “How to Ride a Dirtbike,” “How to Make a S’More” (a what???) and many more. We will be posting a new Canadian Skill on this page, so be sure to tune in each week!

If there is anything that you want us to cover or a new skill that you want to learn, we are open to suggestions for season 2 of this fantastic series.

Have fun, and we hope that learn more about what it takes to be Canadian.

Canadian Skills 101 | How to Celebrate Canada Day like a Canadian - Episode 7

This week join Kim as she teaches us how to celebrate Canadian Day like a true Canadian! Happy 153rd Birthday Canada!

All Music © Nigel Briggs

Canadian Skills 101 | How to Make Poutine - Episode 6

Join Kyla as she teaches us to make the most classic Canadian dish the Poutine! Poutine originated in the Canadian province of Quebec and emerged in the late 1950s in the Centre-du-Québec area. Are you hungry? Because you will be!

All Music © Nigel Briggs

Canadian Skills 101 | How To Chop Wood - Episode 5

Join Cole as he teaches us how to chop wood, an essential skill for any Canadian!

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Canadian Skills 101 | How to Pack for the Rocky Mountains - Episode 4

This week, join Michelle as she shows you what the essential items are needed for your next trip to the Rockies. There are some logical items, and then some that you would never think of.

This Canadian Skill will help you conquer any Rocky Mountains trip you do.

All Music © Nigel Briggs

Canadian Skills 101 | How to Make a S'more - Episode 3

Join Jennifer as she takes us into the great outdoors and shows us how to make a s’more.

A s’more is a traditional North American after dinner, round the campfire treat. There are many variations of it, but here Jennifer shows us the best classic recipe out there.

Be sure to watch for that perfect roast of the marshmellow.

This is a not to be missed Canadian Skill.

All Music © Nigel Briggs

Canadian Skills 101 | How to Dirtbike - Episode 2

Join our resident outdoor junkie, Bryson, in this “how-to” style video as he teaches us the basics of Dirtbiking. Riding a Dirtbike is a staple in Canada, and you definitely want to learn before you get here!

Bryson can be found every weekend of the year, either riding his dirtbike or snowmobile. This makes him the authority on this Canadian Skill.

This How-To video will take you through the steps of understanding the machine you are about to straddle. These skills include the technical needs to start a bike and the basics to gear changing, braking and riding in a straight line.

This is a not to be missed Canadian Skill.

All Music © Nigel Briggs

Canadian Skills 101 | How to Build a Campfire - Episode 1

Join Nigel as he teaches us the different skills and techniques to build a perfect campfire. Building a campfire is an essential Canadian Skill to have for both locals and visitors. There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire at the end of a long day, toasting a s’ more (what is a s’ more you ask? Keep an eye out for a How-To on making the perfect after dinner, campfire treat), roasting a sausage or simply kicking back with your favourite beverage.

Remember, before making any fires, check with the local authorities to see if there are any fire warnings in the area.

All Music © Nigel Briggs

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