Biz Talk with Discover Canada Tours

Biz Talk

Each week, Jennifer from Discover Canada Tours interviews a small business owner from Western Canada to see the pandemic has impacted their company and what steps they are taking to recover from this.

Supporting local business is going to be key during these times and we are committed to assist all the communities that we work in to make sure that we only buy from those local suppliers.

This is an ongoing web series. You can view the entire Biz Talk series on our YouTube channel. We have also conveniently added all the videos to this page and we will be updating the page each week.

If you know of a local business that needs support during these tough times, please reach out to us on and we will set up a time to have a chat.

Be sure to check out the rest of our content on YouTube as well.

Biz Talk with Rock 'n Beau - Episode 3

Racheal from Rock ‘n Beau joins us this week on Biz Talk. Jennifer and Racheal talk about kids parties, Racheal’s core business, and how this pandemic has impact her company. She has had to become agile and adapt to these times by taking her parties online.

Biz Talk with Vancouver Whale Watch - Episode 2

In this weeks episode of Biz Talk, Jennifer speaks with Tammy from Vancouver Whale Watch. Vancouver Whale Watch is the oldest whale watching company based in Vancouver. The run, in our opinion, some of the best tours in the Lower Mainland to see sea life in our beautiful oceans.

Biz Talk with Max Frut - Episode 1

In our first episode of Biz Talk, Jennifer speaks with Maria from Max Frut. Max Frut produces some of the most delicious ice lollies made from real fruit.

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