Activities for Socially Distancing in Vancouver this Winter

Social Distancing Activities To Do In Vancouver This Winter
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Are you thinking of things to do in Vancouver all the while socially distancing from others? These are the top 6 socially distancing picks that you can experience in Vancouver this winter. 

Social distancing outdoor activities to do in Vancouver this winter

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Social Distancing Activities To Do In Vancouver This Winter

Taking the number one spot on our list of top ways you can enjoy the outdoors while socially distancing during the pandemic is a visit to Capilano Suspension Bridge. Located in North Vancouver, Capilano Suspension Bridge is an easy journey by car or bus. Once you arrive, they have a fantastic policy in place to encourage social distancing, including the all-important crossing of the bridge. In the past, the bridge traffic was both ways, with almost no limit of the people on the bridge. They have now implemented one-way traffic with social distancing by filtering guests into 2m gaps. Crossing the mighty Capilano River, you will be greeted by views that are unmatched up and down the canyon. Once you get to the west side, a boardwalk is mounted between the mighty Douglas Firs that make up the park’s rainforest. Take a stroll along the boardwalk and mini suspension bridges before stopping at the raptor display. Moving back onto the east side of the park, you will have a chance to experience the canyon walk. This cantilevered bridge runs along the edge of the cliff. Step onto the glass platform and look down 70m to the river below. We highly recommend this as a half-day trip. Whether you are visiting Vancouver or are a local, Capilano Suspension Bridge is always a great day out. The crowds are also not too bad which makes it easier to socially distancing yourself from others.

Ski the Local Hills

ski hills

Vancouver is blessed with some great ski hills located on the North Shore. It can be said that skiing is the ultimate socially distancing activity. With travel limited to some of our best resorts in BC due to the pandemic, there are three ski hills to choose from, and there is skiing to be done. Accessible from anywhere in the Lower Mainland, you will have various terrains and difficulties for any level of experience. In West Vancouver, Cypress Mountain is probably the most diverse of the hills. There are runs that will suit anyone, from beginners to experts. It also has the greatest number of runs. Unfortunately, getting onto the ski slopes here during peak timed can be challenging, but off-peak times it is easy to get up Cypress, and you will have your pick of runs. The second hill is Grouse Mountain. Grouse Mountain is the most accessible. There is a bus that runs from the Sea Bus in Lonsdale or from Downtown Vancouver. Once you arrive, there is a large parking lot and the Gondola base station that will take you up to the slopes. Boasting multiple runs, Grouse is probably most famous for its stunning views of Downtown Vancouver. Stop and be sure to get that Instagram picture! Finally, Mt. Seymour is perhaps the best hill for beginners. Being the smallest of the mountains, and with most of the runs being beginner runs, this is the easiest hill to get time on without the mass crowds that Cypress and Grouse attract. Skiing in Vancouver is possible, and for most, it is a short distance to travel. Bonus, all the mountains boast night skiing for those that need an after-work fix.

Want to Build a Snowman?

Social Distancing Activities To Do In Vancouver This Winter

This is a fun activity for all ages. Kids love to build them, and adults want to feel like kids again! At the time of writing this article, there has been very little snow in Vancouver’s lower regions. Still, there is most definitely snow to be had up on the ski slopes. How does your snowman look, and how do you decorate it? Post your favourite build in the comments below. The most innovative design/build will win a pair of double tickets to Capilano Suspension Bridge, courtesy of West Trek Tours. The long-term winter forecast predicts snow in 2021, so maybe you will be able to realize your dream of building the most epic snowman in your backyard. Work on socially distancing with your family this winter!

Visit Richmond and Steveston


Richmond is rich in culture, with many places to see and things to do. If you are planning a trip to Richmond (maybe you are going to IKEA), then here are three things you can do while you are there. First, visit the International Buddhist Society on Steveston Highway. This temple is a traditional Chinese Buddhist temple. Browse the grounds or stop and catch your zen in the gardens. A most relaxing stop. It is also on the way to our second location, Steveston. Steveston feels like you have stepped out of Vancouver and into a small seaside fishing village. You can stop by the quay and buy fresh fish from the fishermen, stop and grab a coffee at one of the many coffee shops in the town and be sure to get ice cream from the boardwalk. And for those of you that say, “but it is winter,” ice cream does not discriminate by season! There is also a museum dedicated to the canning industry, which is the perfect way to finish up your trip to Steveston. As you leave Richmond, be sure to stop at one of the hundreds of restaurants. Richmond has the most authentic Chinese food in all of Vancouver. All the cuisines from the different regions of China are represented, so your selection is endless. Being mostly outdoors this a great way for socially distancing yourself in Vancouver during the pandemic.

Book a Fishing Charter

Social Distancing Activities To Do In Vancouver This Winter

Vancouver is famous for its salmon fishing, arguably the best destination in the world to catch salmon. With 5 species of salmon, BC is definitely the most diverse when it comes to salmon fishing. You have two options when it comes to booking a charter; saltwater or freshwater. Saltwater fishing in the winter is typically a little slower than the summer, but there are still fish to be had. That being said, the prawning season is on fire at the moment. Booking a freshwater guided day out is probably the best thing you can do now. The elusive steelhead, probably one of the world’s most sought after freshwater game fish, are running in all of the rivers in Vancouver at the moment. Catching a steelhead will give you boasting rights second to none. Two of our favourite places to book guided days out are Pacific Angler based in Vancouver or Fred’s in Chilliwack. Fishing is by nature a socially distancing sport, and more than ever now, that is important. Get onto the river or sea and get your fix of salmon.

Hike the North Shore

Hiking North Shore

We have written a comprehensive article on hiking the North Shore. Still, we feel that it is essential to reiterate the plethora of trails to hike on the North Shore. Get out with your household bubble and explore the North Shore. Winter is a stunning time to hike. The quiet solitude and and being able to socially distancing yourself make this a great outdoor activity during the pandemic.

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