A Foodies tour of Whistler

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Whistler is one of the best-known destinations for outdoor activities in the world. Whether you are looking for world-class skiing, downhill mountain biking or a swim in a lake or simply an afternoon hike, Whistler has you covered. 

To go along with the world-class activities is also numerous amazing restaurants. Whistler is ground-zero for some of the best food on Canada’s west coast. So, after a hard day of biking or skiing, you’ll be able to easily find a restaurant or three that will satisfy your hunger pangs! From the hustle and bustle of the main Village to the lush surroundings of the Upper Village and the low-key goings-on at Creekside, Whistler has restaurants for every budget and occasion. Let’s take a look at what we think are some of the best options in Whistler!

A Foodies Tour of Whistler

Euro Flair

Whistler is often compared to the resort towns of Europe that cater to the ski mountains above them. Those looking for that European charm won’t be disappointed at the restaurant offerings in North America’s largest mountain resort.

Crepe Montagne

Those looking for a French flair to their meal need to look no further than Crepe Montagne. Run by a French couple, you’ll be sure to enjoy their numerous crepes, both savoury and sweet. Other than crepes, this restaurant also specializes in fondue and raclette – two famous European cheese dishes. Be sure to have a good workout before entering this factory of Fromage!

Bar Oso

If a cheese-focused menu from France isn’t what sets your stomach humming, perhaps a bite of the Spanish Tapas from Bar Oso is just what you need. Focused on sharing plates (the definition of tapas) Bar Oso prepares lovely charcuterie and fruit boards. More unique items also abound, such as octopus (always tricky to prepare right) and foie gras. A trip to Bar Oso is always a delight and is a great option for groups looking to share.

Balsalt wine and Salumeria

Those looking for a more traditional meal should look no farther than Basalt Wine and Salumeria. With a focus on Italian cuisine, here one can indulge their senses on main courses such as the local pasta, pork chop and salmon dishes. Of course, with Salumeria in the name, you’ll also find wonderful meat and cheese boards available; as well as an exceptional wine and drinks list to keep you happy throughout the evening and well into the night.

Photo Credit: Crepe Montagne

Finer Things

Those looking to indulge in the finer side of life need not be concerned with a lack of options in Whistler. Have a look below at some of the outstanding fine-dining options in Whistler.

Bearfoot Bistro with Ketel One Ice Room

One of the original après ski spots in Whistler, Bearfoot Bistro is a well-known hot spot for high-end dinner and drinks. One of the larger establishments in Whistler, Bearfoot boasts numerous options for dining and drinking. Those coming for drinks will want to visit the champagne lounge and have a bottle of champagne ‘sabered’ or the unique Ketel One Ice Room, where you can bundle up in the sub-zero temperature room to enjoy a tasting flight of vodka. For dinner, you can choose from the patio overlooking the village, the underground wine cellar or the unique chef’s table. If you are looking for a special moment, Bearfoot Bistro has you covered!


Consistently rated one of Whistler’s, and BC’s, best restaurants, you can’t go wrong stopping here for a fine-dining experience. Focusing on locally-sourced food from around the Lower Mainland, Araxi delights locals and tourists alike with its fresh oysters and seafood tower among many other highly-regarded dishes. For the sommeliers in the group, Araxi’s 25+ page wine list is sure to impress.

Photo Credit: Bearfoot Bistro

Casual fare

Those on a tighter budget, or just looking for a more casual restaurant option have numerous restaurant options to keep your stomach, and wallet, full.

Sushi Village

One of Whistler’s oldest restaurants, Sushi Village has been providing excellent sushi and a fun, lively atmosphere for over 25 years. Those looking to have a little party with their friends will be happy with the private booth options as they chow down on raw fish and sake.

El Furniture Warehouse

With some of the cheapest meals anywhere, the El Furniture warehouse is where you want to go for food that will satisfy everyone in your group. Known to the locals as Furney’s, you can find excellent pub-style food for under $10!

La Cantina

On the lookout for tacos? You can’t go wrong at this casual, Mexican favourite with two locations in Whistler. With over a dozen varieties of tacos, including vegan options, this is an easy choice for those groups who just can’t decide where they want to eat.

Photo Credit: Sushi Village

Special Mention: Crystal Hut

You can’t visit a ski resort without heading up to the top of the mountain for a special meal, can you? No, you can’t, and at the Crystal Hut, you can enjoy breath-taking views over the Whistler valley while you indulge yourself in their cheese fondue in a one of a kind log cabin. Even though the restaurant is only open during the winter you need not worry if you aren’t a skier or snowboarder, as a ride up to this mountain top restaurant can be arranged on a snowcat!

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